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Essence Of Shiva

Essence Of Shiva

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This Divine Decor Of the Supreme Lord Shiva is Beautiful and Amazing!

This Package Includes:

1) Ceramic Incense Holder (top) 
2) Ceramic Base
3) Ceramic Shivling
4) Glass
5) 10 Incense Cones 


This centerpiece is made of Ceramic (premium quality) for a Luxurious and Divine Ambiance at your home! Just burn one incense cone and place it on the top, and watch the Grace of Lord Shiva. It just feels like Milk being poured (Abhishekam) on Shivling. 



Shiv Linga is the formless existence of Lord Shiva, who is considered an omnipresent and omnipotent power. Since ancient times, Lord Shiva (also known as Mahadev) has been worshipped as Shiva Linga.

It is believed that the divine energy concentrated in this aniconic structure is offered prayers by showering earthly elements, mainly water or milk. This is called "Abhishekam", which is a very sacred and auspicious process in many religious faiths.

The "Essence of Shiva" gives you this benefit of Abhishek right at your home.

Why do People prefer buying from us, rather than cheap alternatives?

We deliver high-quality and natural products that are entirely made in India! Moreover, we believe that divine products should have a sense of purity. 


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