Night vision goggles revolutionize the market and help reduce traffic accidents

  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2023-02-16

Much sought after by those who usually drive at night, this accessory brings safety and durability at an attractive price, in addition to a modern and unisex design.

These revolutionary night vision goggles, CleanVision™ , are a novelty in the market that promise to solve a big problem for those who usually drive at night, or in darker and rainy places . Its revolutionary technology guarantees a significant improvement of up to 99% of vision , according to its developers.

The lenses are resistant to impacts and reduce glare from headlights , poles and the rear view mirror, which also preserves the health of the driver's vision, in addition to safety, which is very important when driving on Indian roads, which can be poorly lit at points crucial.

There is also the presence of side lenses that, in addition to improving peripheral vision, act as blockers of harmful UV rays , keeping healthy eyesight and comfortable driving at night.

Other benefits of CleanVision™ glasses

CleanVision™ glasses also offer color enhancement, smoothing out what's really bothersome and making what's ahead look sharper.

Do you suffer from astigmatism or myopia, for example? Do you use prescription glasses? If so, you know that seeing well is essential and that traffic can be very uncomfortable, with so many lights and distorted colors.

But you won't have to choose between your everyday frame and CleanVision™ glasses , as its size makes you comfortable and it's perfectly possible to slip it over your prescription glasses .

A versatile accessory for men and women

Another concern in the development of CleanVision™ glasses was inclusiveness. The construction of the accessory allows its use to suit all genders, being a beautiful unisex product 

Traditional sunglasses end up being sought after as a 'quick fix' by many drivers who need to drive at night, with rain, fog or poor lighting .

The advantage, in this case, is all of the CleanVision™ model , which in addition to being a model to be used casually, allows you to be safe behind the wheel in adverse conditions .

CleanVision™ Glasses: Who Wears It, Approves

The popularity of CleanVision™ has many customers giving their opinions on the glasses and their benefits. Youtuber Varun, from the channel “New Gadgets”, was one of those who tested the novelty and seems to have liked what the accessory can offer: “it gives a feeling of clean vision” , said the influencer.

Internet users also fell in love with the wonder: “I, who suffer from astigmatism, have already seen an absurd difference in the anti-reflection with the glasses!” , said a follower of Desiderius.

“It helped a lot in my situation, as an app driver. Working at night was much less exhausting,” said another internet user.

The benefits of CleanVision™ glasses really are incredible:

Significantly improved night vision in rainy, dark and foggy weather;

Side lenses that improve peripheral vision and preserve eye health;

Comfortable size that allows you to place it over prescription frames;

Impact resistance;

Unisex model, with a bold design, that fits well on men and women.

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